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Sunday 26th March

White YA returns, 1.23pm

Wednesday 29th March

Mrs YA is seen on the nest when live streaming starts. Arrival time somewhere between 5pm yesterday evening and 10am this morning.

Monday 10th April

Impossible to see into the deep nest cup but, from behaviour, first egg has been laid shortly after noon today

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Thursday 13th April

Egg #2 appears to have been laid around 11.50am

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Tuesday 18th April

Egg #3 first seen 11.08am. Obstructing nest material moved by the birds making partial view of eggs possible. Egg #1 thought to have most likely been laid late morning of Sunday 16th April

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Wednesday 19th April

Egg #4 seen, 3.49pm

Tuesday 23rd May

Nestcam develops technical problems just before hatching is due

Wednesday 14th June

Nestcam back online. Only 3 chicks seen on nest. Chick 3 is probably the non-survivor

Monday 26th June


Chick #1 - Amble  (F)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White Y9
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1740g

Chick #2 - Ayle   (F)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 8P
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1750g

Chick #3 - Acton (?egg 4) (M)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 6P
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1390g

[Chicks not satellite tagged]

Sunday 20th August

Ayle presumed to have migrated

Wednesday 30th August

Both Amble and YA appear to have migrated

[No data for fledging or of Mrs YA migration. Acton not seen again after fledging period]