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Thursday 2nd April

White YA returns at 2.59pm

Saturday 4th April

White YA pays a visit to his brother's nest this morning, Kielder nest 2. He stays a few minutes rearranging sticks before returning to work on his own

Sunday 5th April

YA spends time at Nest 2 again, renovating the nest and later mating with Mrs 37 following her return from migration at noon

Tuesday 7th April

See Nest 2 stats

Thursday 9th April

Mrs YA returns whilst the nest cams are off, between 5.30pm yesterday evening and 9.25am this morning. Normal service resumes!

Friday 10th April

A ringed female intruder lands on the nest. She was later identified from footage as White EB, hatched at Tweed Valley in 2007, who had also visited the Kielder nests last Spring. Mrs YA sends her packing.

Friday 17th April

Egg #1 laid 1.23pm

Monday 20th April

Egg #2 laid 1.53pm

Thursday 23rd April

Egg #3 first seen at 9.13am, shortly after today's streaming started (exact time of laying not known)

Monday 27th April

Blue 2H pays a visit. He fledged from Kielder nest 2 in 2012 and is the first Kielder born osprey to return to his natal area.

See: And the 'firsts' continue...

Friday 15th May

Blue 2H lands on the nest a total of 5 times today. An aggravated Mrs YA scoots him off

Wednesday 27th May

Egg #2 hatches 9.38am (39days 20hrs)

Friday 29th May

Egg #3 hatches. Chick first seen 9.24am (38days 19hrs when seen, though exact time of hatching not known)

[Egg #1, the lightest coloured of the three, fails to hatch. The egg continues to be incubated but appears light in weight when rolled]

Saturday 30th May

More persistent intrusions by Blue 2H today whilst YA is off the nest

See: Insouciance Personified

Tuesday 30th June

Ringing and Tagging

Chick #1 (F) (34 days)

Darvic ring right leg, blue/white VY
BTO ring left leg, no. 1174468
Satellite Tagged
Wing: 281mm   Weight: 1780g

Chick #2 (F) (32 days)

Darvic ring right leg, blue/white VP
BTO ring left leg, no. 1174469
Wing: 248mm   Weight: 1550g
Not tagged

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Monday 20th July

Blue VY fledges between 7.40am and 8.50am (54 days- rounded up) then Blue VP fledges at 5.52pm (53 days - rounded up)

Wednesday 26th August

Mrs YA last seen

Sunday 30th August

Blue VY starts migration c12.06pm (95days 2hours)

Thursday 3rd September

Blue VP last seen c11.09am (97days)

Saturday 5th September

White YA last seen