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Tuesday 26th March

Elen returns,12.10pm

Saturday 30th March

Aran returns, 4.58pm

Thursday 4th April

Elen had not been seen on or around the nest since the day after she returned and Aran has another female keeping him company. This is Blue 372(21) from Poole Harbour translocation who returned to the UK as a two year-old last year so is prospecting for a nest and a mate. She has been visiting Aran since Sunday, 31st March and they were beginning to show signs of bonding.

Shortly after 2pm, Aran was on the nest with a fish when Elen suddenly reappears carrying her own fish. They both stay on the nest companionably eating. Elen finishes her own fish and Aran hands over the remainder of his.

Monday 22nd April

Egg #1 laid, 6.08pm