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Glaslyn Nest Stats  -  2021

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Thursday 25th March

Mrs G returns 8.42am

Monday 29th March

Aran returns 9.48am

Saturday 10th April

Egg #1 laid 5.07pm

Tuesday 13th April

Egg #2 laid 2.23pm

Friday 16th April

Egg #3 laid 4.30pm

Tuesday 18th May

Chick #1 hatches 12.08am

Wednesday 19th May

Chick #2 hatches 2.16am

Saturday 22nd May

Chick #3 hatches 8.05am

Sunday 23rd May

Chick #1 dies late afternoon

Aran has not brought any fish since Thursday.. He was seen to have lost a couple of primary feathers from his right wing on Friday. Weather is stormy, cold, wet and windy and Mrs G doing her best to keep the chicks sheltered

Monday 24th May

Although Aran is making short flights around the nest area and has chased intruders a couple of times, he has still not been able to catch any fish

Tuesday 25th May

Important Glaslyn Nest Update

Thursday 27th May

Chick #2 dies 11.32pm

Friday 28th May

Chick #3 dies 6.30pm

Wednesday 2nd June

the not so perfect storm

Sunday 29th August

Mrs G last seen late pm

Tuesday 14th September

Aran last seen 8.46am