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Glaslyn Nest Stats  -  2019

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Monday 25th March

Mrs G returns, 9.10am

Monday 1st April

Aran returns, 7.20am

Saturday 13th April

Egg #1 laid, 11.21am

Tuesday 16th April

Egg #2 laid. First seen 11.42am

[This is Mrs G's 50th egg to date]

Friday 19th April

Egg #3 laid 11.55am

Saturday 18th May

Over the past few days there has been much disruption caused by a persistent blue-ringed male intruder. During one particularly aggressive dive-bombing episode Aran was knocked from the nest edge and both birds took to the skies. The intruder is identified as Blue Z1 (Tegid), hatched at Dyfi in 2016. These skirmishes have caused Aran to be away from the nest for many hours at a time, leaving Mrs G to incubate alone and unfed. All seems settled for the moment though. Aran brought Mrs G a fish at 11.12 this morning and did a stint at incubation

For full story see:  Aran returns after nest battle

Sunday 19th May

Egg #1 hatches 11.42am

Tuesday 21st May

Egg #2 hatches 10.26am

Friday 24th May

Egg #3 hatches 5.45am

Sunday 9th June

Chick #2 dies c7.30am following an adverse reaction to food on Thursday night

At 10.48am Chick #3 falls onto its back and is unable to right itself. After appropriate consultation, a decision is made to intervene. Chick #3 is righted and goes on to feed normally, the body of Chick #2 is removed and sent for analysis

See:  Middle chick dies on the nest

Saturday 15th June

The pathology report on chick #2 states that cause of death appears to be pneumonia and lung haemorrhage associated with lungworm infestation, together with acute blood loss anaemia

Monday 24th June


Chick #1  (F) (36 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White KA4
BTO ring left leg   No. 1065661
Weight: 1750g   Wing: 321mm

Chick #3   (F) (31 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White KA0
BTO ring left leg   No. 1065662
Weight: 1470g   Wing: 224mm

Saturday 13th July

KA4 fledges 5.11pm

Monday 22nd July

KA0 fledges 6pm

Wednesday 4th September

KA4 last seen

Monday 9th September

Mrs G last seen

Monday 16th September

KA0 and Aran last seen