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Glaslyn Nest Stats  -  2016

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Wednesday 23rd March

Mrs G returns, 5.45pm

Tuesday 29th March

Rutland born (2012) female, Blue 5F, lands on the nest just after noon. She had visited several times last year.

Later in the day 5F divebombs Mrs G on the nest

Thursday 7th April

Unringed male osprey, who looks a lot like Aran, visits nest with an unringed female. However, his behaviour, and that of Mrs G, suggest it is not Aran.

Friday 9th April

Blue 24 pays a visit to the nest while Mrs G is absent and cheekily steals part of a fish

Tuesday 12th April

Aran returns around 5.00pm

Thursday 14th April

Rutland born (2013) female, Blue 3J, intrudes at the nest. She was also seen at Glaslyn last year, her first return to the UK as a two-year-old

Monday 18th April

Aran has been seen visiting Blue 5F who is spending time on a nearby nest

Egg #1 laid 8.32pm

[Egg #1 not incubated, subsequently becomes buried]

Tuesday 19th April

Blue 3J pays an evening visit to the nest in Mrs G and Aran's absence

Friday 22nd April

Egg #2 laid, 12.45am. This one is incubated

Tuesday 26th April

Egg #3 laid, c1.21pm

Tuesday 3rd May

Returning Dyfi female chick from 2013, Blue 2R, Clarach, lands on the nest c11.40am. Aran escorts her away

Friday 13th May

Clarach pays another visit. She arrives at 6.33pm and stays until 10.23pm. Mrs G appears quite comfortable with her and shows no hostility. When Aran brings in a fish Clarach snatches it from him. She eats ravenously on the edge of the nest

Saturday 14th May

Clarach shows up at 4.22am. Aran brings in a fish at 5.47am and Clarach gets in first again. She sits on the edge of the nest with the fish under her talon for a time. Mrs G eventually reacts and all three birds take to the air. All settles down after this and Clarach does not return to the nest. Mrs G gives intruder alarms from time to time which suggests she is still around. Aran later brings Mrs G a whole fish. She eats on the perch whilst he incubates

Saturday 28th May

Egg #2 hatches (36days 22hours) 10.28pm

Tuesday 31st May

Egg #3 hatches (34days 14hrs) 3.40am

Sunday 3rd July


Chick #1 (F) (36 days)
Darvic ring right leg, blue/white W7
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1650g   Wing length: 295mm

Chick #2 (M) (34 days)
Darvic ring right leg, blue/white W8
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1300g   Wing length: 280mm

Tuesday 5th July

Ringing Day Video

Wednesday 20th July

Blue W7 fledges 10.35am (52days 12hrs)

Saturday 23rd July

Blue W8 fledges 4.23pm (53days 12hrs)

Sunday 24th July

At 11.20pm Blue W8 falls from the nest perch into branches directly below. He remains there until a fish is delivered by Aran at 4.21am when he takes flight and gets himself back to the nest. He makes a clumsy landing but is apparently none the worse for his tumble

Thursday 28th July

Blue W7 is seen to have sustained some sort of injury to her right leg/foot (unknown cause). She holds the affected leg at an awkward angle and is unable to weightbear on it. W7 can fly strongly and is able to land and perch normally using her left leg

Friday 29th July

W7 - Project Manager's Update

Saturday 30th July

Blue W7 unable to feed herself due to her injury and is now hungry and food soliciting. Mrs G responds

See:   Mrs G feeds W7

Saturday 2nd August

At 12.45am Blue W7 falls off the nest perch into the branches below. She is seen to land back on the perch shortly after 9am showing no signs of further injury

Thursday 4th August

Thoughts on intervention

Saturday 6th August

Blue W7 showing slow but steady improvements. She is now managing to eat a little by herself and adapts to her current disability by moving the fish to the edge of the nest where it is more comfortable for her

Monday 22nd August

Video of a now fully recovered Blue W7

See:   W7 eats on the perch

Friday 9th September

Mrs G last seen

Tuesday 13th September

W7 last seen 7.23pm (108 days) and W8 last seen 7.39pm (105 days)

Friday 16th September

Aran last seen