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Glaslyn Nest Stats  -  2015

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Thursday 19th March

Female (no ring) arrives on the nest at 5.44am

Tuesday 7th April

An unidentified male osprey seen in the area today. Female flies with him for a short time without aggression. Later returns to the nest alone

Thursday 9th April

Returning Rutland born female, Blue 5F, lands on the nest in the afternoon. This is the first time this three-year-old daughter of satellite-tracked osprey, Yellow 30(05), has been spotted back in the UK

Saturday 11th April

Blue 5F visits again whilst the nest is empty. Glaslyn female soon returns and escorts her away

Tuesday 14th April

Yet another visitor and another first sighting of a three-year-old returnee this morning. This time it is a Glaslyn granddaughter, Blue 1H, landing on the nest perch. Blue 1H(12) is the daughter of Glaslyn born male,Yellow 37(05) now breeding at Kielder Nest 2. She never makes it onto the nest as 'Grandma' quickly sends her packing

Wednesday 15th April

At 12.47pm a male osprey, ringed Blue CU2, left leg (quickly nicknamed 'Jimmy' by Glaslyn staff), lands on the edge of the nest whilst the female is home. He stays for a few minutes until she chases him off. He returns later, four visits in total, his last being at 7.10pm. The Glaslyn female appears more tolerant of him and stops mantling. They even fly together at one point.

'Jimmy' also visited the Dyfi nest last August. He is a three-year-old, hatched in Dumfries & Galloway, 2012

Thursday 16th April

A male osprey is seen (Jimmy) very early morning on the nest with the female. Mating, or attempted mating takes place. He returns around 8.30am bringing a fish, which he takes to a tree behind the nest. Later, another male osprey shows up. It is Blue 80, hatched at Glaslyn in 2012, returning to his natal nest. He mates with his mother, having previously chased off Jimmy. She shows no animosity toward him as he commences to rearrange the nest.

Blue 80 intruded at Dyfi last August

Monday 20th April

Egg #1 laid 7.25pm.

Blue 80 has been spending more and more time away from the nest and now Jimmy is back on the scene

Tuesday 21st April

Egg thought to have been removed from nest early am but was seen again later having been covered with bedding. No attempt has been made to incubate. Jimmy still around and is supplying fish to the female. Blue 80 has not been seen since early to mid afternoon Sunday.

Wednesday 22nd April

No fish brought to the female today, she is thought to have gone fishing for herself. Jimmy has been spending long periods away from the nest

Friday 24th April

Egg #2 seen just after 6am. Female later seen to break egg. No sightings of Jimmy since 10.31am yesterday

Saturday 25th April

Squirrel seen on nest. Egg #1 not seen after this. All that remains in view is half of egg #2 in centre of nest.

Sunday 26th April

Unringed male intruder around. Lands on nest in the evening whilst the female is there. After a few moments mantling she sends him on his way

Tuesday 28th April

Egg #3 seen 5.50am. Not incubated. No male ospreys reported in the vicinity

Wednesday 29th April

Egg #3 left abandoned in nest. Predated by crow

Thursday 30th April

An unringed male lands on the nest at 10.41am next to the female. After about an hour of them moving around the nest an attempted mating takes place

Friday 1st May

Blue 1H pays another visit to Grandma G just after 12 noon

Egg #4 laid at 5.52pm. No attempts to incubate.

New male still around, he also ignores the egg. He is now feeding the female and they appear to be bonding well.

Monday 4th May

Egg #5 laid 6.55pm

Tuesday 5th May

Egg initially incubated late last night but has been left uncovered since 6am this morning

Thursday 7th May

Shortly after 2.15pm, whilst the female is on the nest perch eating, the male pecks at, and partially eats the fourth egg. The female does not appear upset by this. He then starts cup-scraping and there follows a number of failed attempts to carry out the remaining shell in his beak only to have it roll back in again. He finally manages to carry it to a spot where it lodges at the side of the nest. He later shows interest in the fifth egg but does not remove it.

Friday 8th May

Both male and female incubate the remaining egg for short periods of time

Sunday 10th May

5th egg is seen to be punctured and the male later breaks it completely

Brief visit from Blue 5F who lands on the nest perch at 1.03pm. Glaslyn female mantles on the nest and 5F flies away

Sad news reaches the Glaslyn today. Blue CU2 'Jimmy' found dead having had a collision with overhead wires near Pentrefoelas, North Wales.

Monday 18th May

Egg #6 laid at 1.29am. Egg incubated by both birds

Saturday 23rd May

Egg #7 laid 2.17am

Saturday 30 May

Both birds officially named: Mrs G and Aran

Mr G Now Has a Name

Thursday 4th June

Around 5pm there is a crow attack. Mrs G chases them away whilst Aran is brooding the eggs. On her return, Aran stands up quickly and takes flight, accidentally knocking one of the eggs out to the side of the nest. Mrs G resumes incubation of the one egg in the nest cup, ignoring the one out at the side

Friday 5th June

Around 4.30am, during his turn at incubation, Aran is seen to roll the egg back into the nest cup

Tuesday 23rd June

Egg #6 hatches 2.05pm (36days 12hrs)

Saturday 27th June

Egg #7 hatches 5am (35days 3hrs)

Saturday 1st August


Chick #1 (F) (39 days)

Darvic ring right leg, Blue/white 4R
BTO ring left leg No: 1469808  
Wing: 320mm    Weight: 1605g

Chick #2 (M) (35 days)

Darvic ring right leg, Blue/white W0
BTO ring left leg No: 1469809  
Wing: 296mm    Weight: 1320g

Thursday 13th August

Blue 4R fledges 12.04pm (50days 22hrs)

Wednesday 19th August

Blue W0 fledges 6.40am (53days 2hrs)

Sunday 13th September

Mrs G last seen 4.26pm

Thursday 24th September

Blue W0 last seen 6.50pm (89 days)

Friday 25th September

Blue 4R last seen 7.28am (94 days) and Aran at 4.58pm