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Glaslyn Nest Stats  -  2011

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Wednesday 16th March

11(98) returns

Sunday 20th March

Female (no ring) returns

Saturday 2nd April

Egg#1 laid at 11.45am
(confirmed earliest, UK records)

Tuesday 5th April

Egg#2 laid at 12.50pm

Friday 8th April

Egg#3 laid at 11.40am

Thursday 21st April

White YC(08) seen on nest. Stayed for about 20mins

Monday 9th May

Egg#1 hatches 6.18pm (37 days)
(confirmed earliest, UK records)

Wednesday 11th May

Egg#2 hatches 3.15am (36 days)

Saturday 14th May

Egg#3 hatches 6.07am (36 days)

Monday 13th June

Chicks Ringed

Chick#1* (M) (35 days)
Darvic ring right leg, blue/white 78
BTO ring left leg: No. 1431708

Weight 1450g. Wing 293mm

Chick#2 (F) (33 days)
Darvic ring right leg, blue/white 77
BTO ring left leg: No. 1431707

Weight 1670g. Wing 295mm.

Chick#3 (M) (30 days)
Darvic ring right leg, blue/white 79
BTO ring left leg: No. 1431709

Weight 1495g. Wing 246mm

Tues 28th June

Blue/White 78* fledges 1.25pm (48 or 50 days)

Monday 4th July

Blue/White 77* fledges 1.05pm (54 or 56 days)

*some uncertainty as to whether 78 or 77 is the eldest chick therefore both possible fledge/migration ages are given

Wednesday 6th July

Blue/White 79 fledges 10.35am (53 days)

Tuesday 9th August

Blue/White 78 last seen (90 or 92 days)

Thursday 25th August

Blue/White 79 last seen (103 days)

Friday 26th August

Blue/White 77 last seen (107 or 109 days)

Friday 2nd September

11(98) and Female last seen