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Glaslyn Nest Stats  -  2004

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Two ospreys are seen fishing together on the Cob at Porthmadog.

Tuesday 18th May

Osprey sighted flying upstream near Pont Croesor carrying a fish.

Wednesday 19th May

A large nest is found in a tall silver fir tree near Croesor in the Glaslyn Valley. The female is sitting on eggs and two chicks subsequently hatch.

This is the first time ospreys have been officially recorded as breeding in Wales though there had been occasional sightings reported in previous years.

The female is unringed but the male is seen to have an orange (ochre) coloured ring on his right leg with a black number 11 on it. He is soon identified as one of the Rutland Water 1998 Translocation Project birds who had originally hatched on a nest in Speyside.

Once incubation is over, the RSPB, with the assistance of several local community groups, sets up a protection site and public viewing area at Pont Croesor.

Wednesday 30th June

The general feeling of elation is shortlived as tragedy strikes. A severe, unseasonal storm causes half the nest to collapse and the two young chicks, are found dead on the ground. Post mortem examination reveals severe injuries consistent with falling over 80ft from the nest. It was initially suggested that the chicks could be around 10 days old but then felt more likely to be 12 - 15 days as they had lost their first down.

We can infer from this estimated age range that possible laying dates (assuming there were only two eggs laid) might be around 9th and 12th May with hatch dates around 15th and 17th June. This would make the chicks 15 and 13 days old on the day of the storm of 30th June.


Following the collapse of their nest, the osprey pair continually work at rebuilding, though their efforts are none too successful.

The birds are last seen at the end of the month and it is apparent that help will be needed if they are to breed here successfully the following year.

During the winter of 2004-2005 the whole of the top section of the tree, where the nest is located, is found to be rotten. This section is removed and, with the help of school children from the local Ysgol Llanfrothen who collect suitable bundles of sticks for the nest, a strengthened platform is built lower down. A CCTV camera is installed above the nest so it can be monitored.