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Sandpoint Nest Stats  -  2017

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Tuesday 4th April

Sandy returns, 6.08pm

Friday 7th April

Pete returns, 12.17pm

Monday 1st May

Egg #1 laid, 6.20pm

Friday 5th May

Pete brought in what looked to be a dried out potted plant, minus the pot. The large rootball unfortunately completely covered and buried egg #1. So far, no amount of moving or digging at the root ball has succeeded in unearthing the egg. A storm reduced the rootball in size a little and Sandy spread the dried plant material over the nest.

Saturday 6th May

Egg #2 laid somewhere between 10.30pm Friday 5th May and 3.13am this morning

Tuesday 9th May

Egg #3 laid between midnight and 8am

Sunday 11th June

Egg #2 (Huckleberry) hatches 11.30am

Wednesday 14th June

Egg #3 (Spud) hatches 5.20pm

Saturday 5th August

Huckleberry fledges 9.11am

Wednesday 9th August

Spud fledges 5.55am