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Dyfi Ospreys   -   Glesni



            Glesni (ringed Blue 12, right leg) is one of two chicks hatched at Site N, Rutland
            Water in May 2010. Her brother is Blue 11(10).

            Her father was a Scottish translocated male, White 08(97), who sadly disappeared in
            2011, and her mother is Green 5N(04), Nora's sister, who is still breeding at Rutland.

            Glesni first visited Cors Dyfi in 2012 and spent some time there during the summer
            when Nora was in residence. She returned in 2013 and paired up with Monty after
            Nora failed to show up. To date (2016), she and Monty have successfully fledged nine chicks.

            For more see Dyfi Osprey Project Website:   Nora, Glesni and the Rutland Legacy 

                  Return dates/times 2013 - 2016:


Tuesday 30th April at Dyfi but seen
Saturday 27th April at Rutland Water


Thursday 10th April 6.40am


Thursday 9th April 7.26am


Sunday 3rd April 3.35pm


Saturday 1st April 10.25am

                  'Last seen' dates/times 2013 - 2016:


Saturday 31st August 8.06am


Tuesday 19th August 7.54am


Monday 24th August c8.10am


Friday 12th August dusk